Juniper-Powered Hybrid Cloud Propels Music Streaming Service to the Stratosphere

How can a Web 2.0 company scale operations to serve hundreds of thousands of users while maintaining security and control? InterVision and Juniper Networks partnered to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure that helped an online music service startup become an internationally recognized brand.

A recent survey by Tech Pro Research indicates that hybrid cloud computing is gaining traction among IT managers. Nearly all of the respondents were familiar with the concept of hybrid clouds, and of those, 70% either currently use a hybrid cloud or are evaluating one.

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Hybrid Cloud Implementation and Evaluation

Source: Tech Pro Research “Hybrid Cloud: Benefits, roadblocks, favored vendors” by Lauren Malhoit, June 2014

The survey results are consistent with what I’m hearing from our customers. A trusted partner of Juniper for the past 15 years, InterVision is a leading integrator of private and hybrid cloud solutions and has designed and deployed hundreds of consolidated, highly virtualized, cloud-ready environments based on Juniper routing, switching, and other technologies. Hybrid clouds are an excellent balance between dedicated private cloud infrastructure and subscription-based public cloud services—they blend and retain the best of both approaches. In the past couple of years, InterVision has seen a steady increase in the deployment of hybrid clouds as a platform for disaster recovery, application testing, cloud bursting, and other use cases.

From a technology perspective, we are working with many customers who initially tapped public cloud resources to offer new services but are now fine-tuning their approach. Some of our customers have found that while cloud services enable them to launch and ramp up businesses quickly, the public cloud services can quickly become expensive when growth skyrockets. By helping businesses implement a hybrid model—where core IT functions are run on premises and others are performed in the cloud—we provide them the best of both worlds. Customers can run most services in their own interconnected data centers and then have peace of mind knowing that when their business spikes, they have nearly infinite scalability in the cloud.

Last year, InterVision partnered with an online music service startup to create an IT infrastructure to serve as the foundation to develop and run a new feature-rich application. The infrastructure needed to be extremely reliable, scalable to millions of devices, secure, and future-proof. InterVision’s solution approach centered around Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and EX Series Ethernet Switches at two data centers that are connected to the public cloud. These duplicate data centers on the East and West Coasts contain highly virtualized servers, storage, load balancing, firewall, and networking resources. User transactions can be handled at either the data center or offloaded to the public cloud as needed. The solution is designed to scale automatically as the user load increases and sustain service levels no matter how many users are accessing it simultaneously.

This architecture effectively creates a hybrid cloud which offers better utilization, higher performance, and scalability—in short, truly dynamic IT—while maintaining the security and control benefits of a private cloud. The IT infrastructure we implemented was instrumental in the scaling of the service, and illustrates how InterVision and Juniper Networks come together to achieve customers’ goals.

In the video below, learn how InterVision builds converged network infrastructures that deliver tremendous value to customers: